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Frequently asked Questions for Learn to sail in Croatia

In this section we have tried to answer the most common questions that people have about our Learn to Sail holidays in Croatia.  It is not however an exhaustive list, so please do not hesitate to email us (use the make an

The Learn to Sail Holidays are offered as part of our flotilla Holiday programme which is operated from Murter Island in Croatia. You will find a lot more information on where we operate here and guidance on Flights and Transfers here.

The programme runs from early April to the end of October, and unless a specific week is arranged otherwise, goes from Saturday to Saturday. There is no sailing on the Saturday, which is a travelling day, and yachts are available to check into from 1700hrs onwards, and you must check out by 0830hrs the Saturday that you leave. Any arrival time on the Saturday is not a problem, meaning you can use late evening arrival flights, and we also accommodate Sunday morning arrivals. You can also you can leave on the Friday evening if you wish. This often offers a better range of flight options and prices.

The yachts used for the Learn to Sail holidays are drawn from our in house fleet and will normally be 34ft to 37ft three cabin yachts, with a maximum of six plus the instructor on board.  You can view a selection of the yachts here

There will be a maximum of up to six, plus the instructor, on board the yacht. Families or groups that need to accommodate more people can contact us to discuss arranging a larger yacht.

We get a full mix of all ages and both sex's coming on these holidays. Families are not mixed on board the same yacht as other adults, but singles and couples are mixed according to what seems to be the best fit.  Generally people are in their mid twenties to mid fifties, but we have had people into their seventies.

There is no problem about traveling on your own as you are immediately part of a crew as well as part of a flotilla so there is a very good social side, and the courses are specifically designed for total beginners, or those just getting up to a skippering level.

There is no special level of fitness required, and anybody that is normally active and does not have any particular balance problems should have no problem.

Naturally we can never guarantee that all crews will all get along well all of the time. However as long as people are prepared to be a little bit tolerant, most issues can be dealt with before they become major problems.  Remember that your yacht will be sailing as part of a flotilla of yachts so socially you will not be limited to just the people that you are on board with.  Also one of our instructors will be in charge of the yacht at all times, and part of his/her job is to identify any potential personality clashes before they become issues and to look after everybody's interests fairly.

These courses are all about learning to sail a yacht in a holiday environment.  Unless we are on a special trip, we always aim to keep the daily obligatory distance relatively short (usually five to twenty miles) so that we have maximum flexibility.  The yacht usually leaves port sometime after 1000hrs and then arrives in port around 1700hrs having had a stop in the middle of the day for an on board picnic lunch and a swim.  In reality we sail much more than just the straight line distance between ports, but the actual amount depends on the wind, how you are feeling on the day etc.

The instructor must always try to juggle the different needs of those onboard.  However with our flexible programme if you want extra time to explore a particular port, you can always remain behind on your own for an hour or two while the yacht heads off to do some sailing, perhaps some mooring practice etc before popping back in to collect you at a preset later time.  Likewise you can always be dropped in early if you fancy a short day, and the yacht can go back out sailing.  This way we can mix those that want the maximum amount of sailing with those that only want the minimum.

The following applies to anybody sharing a yacht. All bookings are taken on a shared cabin basis unless you specifically book a single cabin and pay a supplement for this.  Couples or two friends traveling together will then share one of the double cabins. Singles will either share the forward V Cabin with another person of the same sex or can take a single berth in the main saloon, if one is available. One of the saloon berths is always reserved for the instructor. If then a double cabin happens to be free, on the day it will be given to one of the singles.  Most weeks we have a few tuition yachts out so we mix and match the crews and yachts to get what appears to be the best mix.  Families or groups booking an entire yacht will sort out their own sleeping arrangements, but must leave one of the berths in the main saloon for the instructor unless they have specifically booked not to have him/her on board at night.

In Croatia there are very good facilities for yachts such as marinas, national park entry charges etc, but naturally there are fees for these.  In a typical week's sailing using a mix of town quays and marinas, a 36ft yacht will spend somewhere between 1300kuna to 1600kuna on these for the yacht. Families or groups taking a yacht on their own will pay these costs as they go along, but those sharing on board a yacht will have paid an on-site cash payment to cover a number of different yacht expenses, which include the mooring costs. Yacht fuel is included unless specifically stated otherwise.

No food is provided, as it is much more logical to leave you shop for whatever you want yourselves based on your own tastes etc.  There are  supermarkets near to our base where you can do a bulk shop before you leave, with good back up shops in most of the ports that we go to as well as local bakers and some form of fruit and vegetable market.  Most people will tend to eat all breakfasts and lunches on board and then eat their main evening meals in local restaurants in the evenings, although you are free to prepare evening meals on board if they wish.


Families and groups just manage themselves aand then most people sharing a yacht choose to run a small kitty among their group to ensure that there is enough for each day. This allows everyone to ensure that their individual tastes, budgets and preferences are catered for, while still providing a structure so that you are not all "squabbling over who ate whose biscuits" , but are free to eat as you please. It is after all your holiday!!  Cooked breakfasts if required can be obtained from local restaurants and main evening meals are taken ashore, at your own expense, although you are totally free to prepare food on board if you wish.