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Flotilla Sailing in Turkey

In Turkey we can offer bareboats and flotillas from both Orhaniye and Fethiye, and bareboats also from Marmaris. Bodrum and Gocek. In all cases the bareboats are from modern fleets, and there is a very good choice of yachts ranging from 32 to 50 feet. Bareboats can be taken on either Saturdays or Mondays from Orhaniye and Fethiye, and on generally on Saturdays only from other destinations. All skippers should either have a skippers licence, or be able to provide proof of previous relevant experience.

Flotillas are available for the fleets based from Orhaniye and Fethiye. As an add on to chartering a bareboat from these fleets, on payment of a supplement, you can choose to sail as part of a flotilla.

In both locations the flotilla goes from Saturday to Saturday, and sails either in the Gulf of Hisaronou or the Gulf of Yesilova if you go from Orhaniye, while in Fethiye, it sails on a Saturday and sails in the area between Fethiye and Ekincik.


The Bodrum Flotilla

Bodrum flotilla area

Fethiye Flotilla Sailing Area

Fethiye Sailing Area